Green Street Hooligans - Movie

Director: Lexi Alexander

Actors: Elijah Wood, Claire Forlani, Marc Warren, Leo Gregory, Henry Goodman, Geoff Bell, Rafe Spall, Kieran Bew

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Green Street Hooligans Script Dialogue Transcript

Description #1

Green Street Hooligans, Screen 1

Matt Bakner was a student of journalism department in very prestige
college. However, he was dismissed because of the story when drugs
have been found at his roommate.
Matt arrives in London to divert a little bit. He discovers new
friends and new troubles. He finds himself in the company of crazy
football fans who are agree to make any sacrifice to their passion…

Green Street Hooligans, Screen 2

About the film: Student of journalism department Matt Bakner (Elaija
Wood) was dismissed from the Harvard because of the crime he hadn't
committed. His promising career has failed, his future looks severe.
He goes to London to his married sister Shannon (Claire Forlani). Her
husband Steve (Marc Warren) introduces Matt to his younger brother Pit
(Charlie Hannam). Due to their friendship Matt discovers the life of
football fans, learns mysteries and intrigues of football group. Pit
Danhen and his best friends created the Green Street Elite – group of
ardent fans of West-Ham United, which is one of the cruelest London
football groups. All football fan clubs have their groups. The main
goal of all groups is to be the most redoubtable and respected one in
the country. And it doesn't matter what should be done to achieve the
goal. As Pit says: "The play of West-Ham is mediocre, but out group is
the best. And everyone knows that… it's our reputation business to
humiliate other bands, beat them into the crowd and do all the stuff
other people only dream about." Looking at all this violence Matt
starts feeling the power he was always lacking. Unfortunately, not all
members of the group acknowledge him as "brother" because of Matt's
past. Bower (Leo Gregory) is one of such members. He doesn't like the
presence of the stranger, he doesn't like that he was downgraded in
Elite. His growing up distrust and dislike to Matt turns him into the
"powder-barrel" that is ready to blow up. Soon Bower learns the Matt's
mystery and it causes the destructive chain of events. It makes Matt
think over the worth of his deeds and his future.